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Application for Joining

Becoming a member 

Membership has many benefits...

New Members

Prospective Members are welcome to play with us. The first visit is free of charge. For the next two visits, visitors are invited to pay the $5 per game-day Member Contribution. After the three visits, it is anticipated that prospective members will have decided on joining the club and will have submitted the Membership Application Forms. See Membership Application form and Application Procedure below.

Membership Fees

The Membership Fee for MPPC is $30 per annum for the period 1 July to 30th June for each Financial Year. The Licence Fee for the Petanque Federation of Australia is $35 per annum for the period 1 July to 30th June for each Financial Year. There may be a reduction in the PFA fee for those players joining after 1 April of the Financial Year.

Members and Visitors (except for their first visit) contribute $5 per Game-day towards MPPC Building Fund. This contribution is only paid once per week. If a player plays and pays on a Sunday, they do not need to pay if they play on the following Wednesday.

MPPC also welcomes Associate Members, who hold a PFA licence with another affiliated club and wish to play with MPPC.

Associate Members enjoy the same rights and obligations as Members, but do not have voting rights, nor can they hold office on the MPPC Committee.

Membership Application Form

MPPC Membership Application Procedure

PFA Licence Application

Why we need a PFA Licence

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